The Morehouse Parish Police Jury had its regular monthly meeting on Monday, March 12 at 5 p.m.

Poor road conditions and damages caused to the roads by 18-wheelers was the hot topic of discussion among citizens commenting. Several members of the jury explained there was not enough funding to make the necessary repairs needed on the parish roads.

One citizen who lives on Trail End Road was concerned about the speed limit being too fast on his road. After discussions, Police Jury President Terry Matthews made a motion to reduce the speed limit on Trail End Road from 55 m.p.h. to 30 m.p.h. The motion was passed.

Among other business, the jury voted to approve the request brought by Mayor Henry Cotton and Morehouse Economic Development Corporation President Kay King to consider a letter to support the City of Bastrop applying to the Governor's Office to seek eligibility for opportunity zone designations for census tracks containing significant population within the City of Bastrop. Cotton also requested that low income areas outside of Bastrop, in Mer Rouge, be included as well. Cotton explained there was not much time to jump on this opportunity which is aimed to help the economic development of Bastrop by giving tax incentives to investors.

King also brought a concern regarding Sunshine Road Bridge and the need for improvement to the bridge (over Boeuf River). She said she had received a call from Commissioner Mike Strain regarding the bridge. No resolutions were made.

Action was discussed regarding what could be done concerning the damages to Jim Robinson Road. Matthews said he received a call from the Sheriff's department regarding this subject. Possible ordinances were brought up concerning road signs and a motion to have the city attorney look into a permitting system for the road was passed.

Other business discussed was water damage at the courthouse. Apparently there was a leaking pipe that was repaired, but the roof was still in need of repairing. Secretary treasurer Shasidee Phillips explained she has met with the contractor to discuss the repairs needed.