On Saturday, March 3, the LSU AgCenter State Rabbit Show was held at the Evac Center in Alexandria. This was the first time that Morehouse Parish has ever competed at the State Rabbit Show. Melody Garcia, Matthes Crawford, and Kristopher McKoin from Morehouse competed in breed classes, showmanship, and premier exhibitor. In the breed class, the rabbits are judged against the Standard of Perfection for their respective breed. Showmanship is a competition to see how well the rabbit and exhibitor work together, how well the exhibitor knows his/her breed of rabbit, and how they present themselves to the judge. Premier exhibitor is a skillathon of sorts. The 4-Her’s take a written test on general knowledge, parts ID, breed ID, and a feed label. Out of a very large group of youth, Kristopher McKoin placed first in Intermediate Showmanship. The rabbits all placed well in their classes but none were in the final selection for Best of Show. A big congratulation to everyone that participated and the support from the parents and grandparents.

If you are interested in the 4-H Rabbit Project or any other 4-H project please don’t hesitate to call the 4-H Office at 281-5741.