Prep Center owner Lois Jordan spoke to the Bastrop Board of Aldermen Thursday evening at its regular meeting regarding the need for some sort of system alerting area residents and business owners of situations of an active shooter in their areas.

"On March 1, we were notified through citizens that there was an active shooter in our vicinity and we called the police department and they wanted to know how we found out," Jordan said. "We took action and locked down but would love to have notification.

"I appeal to you for the children to notify us when there are active shooters in the area," Jordan said. "I am asking for protection. Help me by notifying me so I will know there is a need to protect the children."

Jordan explained that she used a sort of "all-call" to notify parents if the school would be closed and inquired if there was something like that that the City could provide.

Mayor Henry Cotton agreed with Jordan on the need to notify the public.

Later in the meeting, Katie Parnell of the Morehouse Community Medical Centers spoke to the Board regarding an update on the progress of MCMC and pledged $1,200 toward a system to notify residents of active shooters situations.

“It is important for the community, especially day care centers, to be notified when something like that happens,” Parnell said.

Parnell updated the Aldermen on MCMC’s growth over the past 10 years and some of the future projects which would be taking place.

A resolution commending Kathryn Walker for her service in the Bastrop City Court was passed as well as a resolution for the bills and claims for the month of January.

It was agreed upon to have Service 1st do a one-time cleaning and maintenance on the heating and cooling system at City Hall as well as to have the City Attorney, Rodney Pierre, begin the process of cancelling the City’s contract with Civic Source, which is the company through which all adjudicated properties are sold.