The First Church of God, with its distinctive modern Gothic architecture, has always stood out in Bastrop, and it is now 44 years old as it first opened its doors this week in 1974.

The church voted in 1966 to start construction on a new building, and architectural firm Huddleston, Emerson, Stiller and Associates developed the plan in 1971. Construction started on the building headed by Marvin Ward, in 1972.

The church has a 391 seat capacity, which includes a balcony. It also houses a pastor's study, nursery, classrooms, library, and choir rehearsal room among other things. Its exterior is made of red cedar and stone, and its layout consists of an octagonal shape with eight gables.

Then pastor, Doyle Coody, was very excited about the new building and invited visitors to view it at an open house, Sunday, Mar. 3, 1974, which was also the first Sunday spent in the new church.

Today, the First Church of God, pastored by Dalyn Helbling, still welcomes people into its doors much as it did then and will hopefully continue to do so for many more years to come.