Bastrop got a real treat Wednesday, Feb. 7, when the Garden Brothers circus performed two shows at the MAC at 4:30 and 7:30.

The circus is over 100 years old and is made up of performers from 18 different countries.

The audience was entertained by female performers in glittering outfits doing quick-change acts, followed by cheerful clowns with slapstick routines. Spectators also enjoyed seeing four horse riders perform riding tricks, such as riding the horse backwards and even standing on the saddle. In one of the most popular acts, two elephants did tricks and danced.

Popcorn was sold for the audience to enjoy, as were circus souvenirs such as light-up clown noses and glowing swords.

Audience member, Alice Stokes, and her grandsons, certainly seemed to have had a good time.

“I really enjoyed the little act the clown did with the dog that acted like a wind-up toy,” she said. “I think the boys liked the elephants most of all.”

The circus was, for many, an exciting night out with friends and family.