The ACT test will be administered statewide and at Bastrop High School beginning on March 20. High school students planning on going to college need to take the ACT test, the nation’s most popular college entrance exam. This test is accepted by all universities and colleges in the United States. The ACT is based on what students learn in high school. In addition to the 9th thru 11th graders regular class work, Bastrop High School has provided a year long ACT preparation class.

The school provides an ACT class for juniors in conjunction with the MasteryPrep Program. MasteryPrep provides a teacher to teach the ACT course which focuses on mastering skills needed to achieve significant ACT results. It provides a custom-crafted syllabus which affords students with daily instruction on the tested skills. There are four sections of classes which accommodates approximately 80 students.

In addition to the class, MasteryPrep provides an ACT bootcamp for students closer to the time of the test. This MasteryPrep Program is paid for with Supplemental Course Allocation Funds and Title IV Funds.

The 21st Century Grant, which provides funding for after school tutoring also offered a free ACT Bootcamp before the December test. Prior to that, several Saturday ACT workshops were held at BHS. A practice test was given to students attending the workshops, and practice workbooks were also provided. These workshops and bootcamps are free to students who plan on taking the test.

The state of Louisiana will pay for all juniors to take the ACT on March 20 and the School System will pay for any seniors who are tested.