Beekman Charter School is hoping to take their football team in a new direction with the hiring of new head coach, Joey Lee.

Lee, who graduated from ULM with a degree in kinesiology, has been involved in sports for a number of years, having 10 years experience coaching both baseball and football. He began as a student coach at Neville and was with the team when they won the 2009 State Championship.

From 2011 to 2012, he coached at St. Fred’s, both on the baseball field with pitching and outfield and the football field with wide receiver, as well as being passing game coordinator.

From 2012-2015, he went to Alexandria Senior High School for his first stint as a head baseball coach for the freshman team. As head baseball coach he had a 29-10 record and won Cenla Coach of the Year 2014. Throughout his time there he was also an assistant coach for the football team.

Most recently, he was back at St. Fred’s, this time as head baseball coach, as well as coaching wide receiver and defensive back in football.

Lee may not have had experience as a head football coach before, but he’s ready to shake up the team and give them a fresh start.

“I think they have potential to be a great team,” he said.

He knows it will take discipline and hard work, but that’s part of his philosophy as a coach. He believes It is what helps them develop, not only as a team but as young men.

“Seeing kids grow up to be great men is one of the best things about this job.”

He enjoys forming connections with the kids, and he notes that sometimes as a coach he is almost like a father figure to some of them.

Lee is glad to be Beekman’s new coach and looks forward to making the team even better. He sees potential in the school and its team and hopes to take the Tigers to a whole new level.