Two burglaries have occurred recently and Morehouse Parish investigators are diligently looking for the suspect involved.

Early Wednesday morning a complaint was received at the Morehouse Parish Sheriff's Office that someone had broken into and entered a structure off United Street near Peach Orchard Road.

Sheriff Mike Tubbs said there have been two burglaries in that area and believes the burglaries are related.

"Another burglary occurred off Alsam Road near Cooper Lake Road," he said. "The suspect took small items such as medications, small electronics and jewelry, in both burglaries."

Tubbs said for residents take care and to be diligent about locking sheds and property, as well as to report all suspicious activity to the police department.

Anyone having information on the suspect or burglaries is urged to call Crimestoppers at 281.0050. Crimestoppers will pay up to $2,000 to anyone having information leading to the arrest.