Every year the directors at 4-H Camp Grant Walker ask for 4-H members from around the state to come up with a catch phrase and T-Shirt design for the upcoming 4-H Summer Camp. This year a Morehouse Parish 4-H’er won the coveted award. Victoria Malone is a 5th grade student at Morehouse Magnet School. She has been in 4-H for 2 years and attend 4-H Summer Camp last year. Victoria’s catch phrase is “Treasure Your Memories” and the shirt design includes a treasure chest filled with gold coins, jewels and other precious valuables. The phrase fits 4-H very well because during the years spent in 4-H you will always have memories of the great times you’ve had. Victoria will receive a free Camp T-Shirt and a check in the amount of $50. Congratulations Victoria!

4-H Summer Camp is held June 25-29 for Morehouse Parish and is open to any 4th-6th grader enrolled in 4-H. If you have any questions about Summer Camp or 4-H in general please feel free to contact the 4-H Office at (318) 281-5741.