Some roads in Bastrop should soon show improvement after a $3.8 million dollar contract was lent with a West Monroe asphalt company recently.

Mayor Henry Cotton said the city has been repairing old sewer pipes under some of the roads in order to prepare them to be paved with new asphalt.

"Right now we are bursting old lines on parts of South Cox Street in order to prepare the street for a new overlay," he said. "We don't want to have sewer problems under new asphalt after spending so much money on our streets."

Robert Shaw, District C- Board of Alderman, said the district set their priorities as to what roads were the worst.

"We have funds to overlay our worst streets," he said. "Each district set their priorities.

"We started in District A," Shaw said. "My area is C and no work has begun yet."

Cotton said the City borrowed over $5 million on a bond issue that can only be borrowed once every 10 years.

A list of total estimated cost for road repairs, per district, is listed below:

District A, $1,047,428.60

District B, $1,150,232.22

District C, $2,165,176.06

District D, $1,173,665.44

District E, $553,816.88

"Less than 20 percent of the streets in Bastrop will be repaired," Cotton said. "We could not do them all."

Cotton stated that the streets chosen were done so by some council alderman who are no longer in office.

"We had the worst streets graded by an engineering company," he said. "One of the worst streets, Henry Avenue, was not included in the list made."