In December of 2007, a community selected board founded the Morehouse Community Medical Centers to bring quality affordable care to the community, and at 6:30 p.m on Monday, December 5, at the Bastrop Municipal Center, they celebrated ten years of service.

Morehouse Community Medical Centers was funded with a federal grant. It started with a single center Morehouse run by seven employees. Now it has blossomed into nine centers including one in Bastrop, Mer Rouge, and Marion, and several health centers in schools.

MCMC is non-profit and provides medical, dental, and behavioral health services. They have expanded to include pediatrics as well. They provide service to everyone in the community whether they are insured, uninsured, or on medicare or medicare. It is one of their goals to help low-income families get the treatment they may need.

The medical centers are headed by a board chosen by the community.

CEO, Katie Parnell said that the board members are volunteers with no pay who do their best to make sure the organization is functioning at its fullest.

The Morehouse Community Medical Centers party served as an Employee Christmas Party and a celebration of all they have achieved in their ten years of service. The party began with a welcome by Parnell in which she thanked all the employees and supporters.

Kenneth W. Franklin, Mayor of Marion, also gave a few words of thanks and spoke of the important purpose of the hospital.

“When you come in that door we want to make you well and make you feel good,” he said.

The evening went on to include recognition of Board Members, Charter Board Members, and ten year employees. Other employee awards were also given. Dinner was provided, and several games were played as well. Door prizes were also given out.

Everyone enjoyed visiting with each other and celebrating the many ways Morehouse Community Medical Centers have touched the various communities.