Morehouse Parish Rocks spread Christmas cheer to local children on Sunday with their Morehouse Rocking Christmas.

Morehouse Parish Rocks is a recently started group that paints rocks with positive messages and pictures, hiding them around the community for people to find. On Sunday, Dec. 3, they held a Christmas event at Chemin-a-Haut for the children. The Christmas event included a rock hunt, free food, games, and presents for the children.

Sue Ann and Ricky Sanders put the rock hunt together with help form Joyce Croswell Hurst. This isn’t the first event they’ve done either.

“Our Halloween event turned out so well we decided that day to have a Christmas event,” said Sue Ann.

Two-hundred rocks were hidden, and the kids really enjoyed finding them. There were hot dogs and nachos, with fudge, cookies, and other goodies for dessert. Each kid that came got to open a Christmas gift as well.

Sue Ann, Ricky, and Joyce were happy to put the event together. They wanted to do something special for the kids, because things for children to do in the community are few and far between.

“Everyone came together and did it for the kids,” said Ricky.

They had a good turn out for the event and the kids were really excited to participate. Sue Ann, Ricky, and Joyce were happy to see the kids in such joyful spirits and hope to hold even more of these events in the future.