The Peoples Water Service Company has requested a 37 percent rate increase through the Louisiana Public Service Commission for improvements.

Doil Nelson, Peoples Water Service Company manager, said the company requested the rate increase because they have invested 1.5 million dollars on improvements and plan on investing 3.3 million dollars more in improvements if the rate increase is approved.

"The 37 percent rate increase would not be all at once," he said. "We are trying to have a 17 percent to start with and the rest after we complete the improvements. I understand no one wants to pay more, but everyone wants to have clean water."

Nelson said that 3.3 million dollars would be spent on a iron and manganese filters and emergency back-up generators.

"We want to stay ahead of the game," he said. "Eventually the health department will require the filters. What is proposed now will be eventually required. We have been here serving the city for 75 years and would like to be here another 75 years."