On Saturday, October 28, KickzThrone held its official opening here in Bastrop.

A local store owned by Darius Cooper, KickzThrone will be selling shoes and apparel for locals. The grand opening, which lasted from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., included food, drinks, and various giveaways. The store, located at 146 North Liberty Street, is meant to be the first in a chain of these shops with the purpose of bringing high dollar sneakers that you wouldn't normally see in a small town to the locals of Bastrop

“I used to have to wait around a long while to get my shoes,” said owner Darius. “I wanted a place where there would always be a good stock of top name sneakers so I started up this business,” he said. He started selling from the back of his van and on Facebook, and now he finally has the means to open his own shop. “I want to start a chain of these and to open the first store in Bastrop because it is my hometown,” he said.

Darius grew up here in Bastrop and graduated from Bastrop High. He later decided to go for his dream of opening this shop. From the back of a van to a brand new storefront, things have certainly changed for Darius, and he wants to turn his store into a good family oriented business. “We just hope people will take the time to come check us out.”