The City of Bastrop and Bastrop Fire Department broke ground on Friday, October 20, for the Fire Departments new Fire Training Center which will be located in the industrial park.

Fire Chief Thomas Crowder said that the center will eventually be home to a 3-story Training Tower, a Burn Building, and a "Christmas Tree", which enables fire training officers to create a propane fire for firefighters to practice extinguishing.

The City of Bastrop has begun clearing the area to be used and funding is being sought for the other construction at the site.

Photo Credit: Scott Henderson

Cutline: Mayor Henry Cotton (left) and Fire Chief Thomas Crowder (right) break ground on the Bastrop Fire Department's Fire Training Center in the Industrial Park in Bastrop. Also pictured are: Josh Morris, Micheal Austin, Timothy Williams, Chris Langston, Corey Robinson, Rodney Brown, Lee Jones, Pam Duncan, Ben Rabb, and Sean Smith.