Morehouse Innovation and Technology Alliance (MITA), a new 501-C-3 organization whose mission is to work with the community to support healthy productive lifestyles, to improve the quality of life and to increase opportunities in Morehouse Parish, will host their first event on October 14 at Chemin-a-Haut State Park. Proceeds of the event will be used to fund repairs and improvements at Chemin-a-Haut.

The event, Chemin-a-Haut 4 Mile Trail Run and 1 Mile Walk, will provide an opportunity for runners and walkers to enjoy a paradise for nature lovers while competing in a 4-mile trail run or a 1-mile walk. Half of the trail run will be on park hard surface roads, 20 percent on a park hiking trail approximately 8 ft. wide, and 30 percent on a dirt trail used as a horse trail approximately 10 ft. wide. Ouachita Valley Road Runners will be directing the run for MITA. To quote Tony Diaz of Ouachita Valley Road Runners, “The course is beautiful and fun too! This isn't one of the usuals.”

In an effort to make this run/walk unique and not just another event, both the medallions, which are given to all participants, and the awards are being handmade and by local artists.

Registration forms are available on the Facebook Chemin-a-Haut Trail Run and Walk page, at the Bastrop Morehouse Chamber of Commerce, or by calling 282-2985. For those that prefer to register the day of the event, registration will not be accepted any later than 8:15 at the registration desk at the Chemin-a-Haut Lodge. The run and walk begin at 8:30 a.m.