The City of Bastrop will kick-off National Fire Prevention Week beginning Monday, October 9, 2017, through Monday, October 13, 2017. The goal of fire prevention week is to educate local citizens on the importance of fire prevention and safety. The goals of fire prevention week for the City of Bastrop are:

To reach zero (0) fatalities from fires

To minimize property loss through early detection.

To announce the planned construction on a new Bastrop Fire Department training facility in the Industrial Park.

To encourage citizens to use longer-lasting lithium batteries in smoke alarms.

The City of Bastrop will also be unveiling Engine No 1, its new fire truck, during Fire Prevention Week. The City has also partnered with the Louisiana Office of the State Fire Marshal, and the Morehouse Parish School Board to welcome “Sparky” the National Fire Prevention mascot to some schools within the fire district and would like to encourage all area schools to educate students on fire prevention and safety.

“Any effort to save lives is always in order. It is a great help for our children and families in Morehouse Parish. The kids will be excited to see Sparky the fire dog and the fire truck are both great attractions,” said Superintendent Hazel Sellers.

Citizens are encouraged to test household fire alarms regularly, smoke outside, keep space heaters in safe areas, clean dryer lent traps regularly, etc. As part of these efforts, the State Fire Marshal will make fire alarms available to the public. Citizens will need to fill out an application for fire alarms to be installed by the Bastrop Fire Department.

“Naturally, zero fatalities within Bastrop’s fire districts is our ultimate goal,” said Mayor Henry Cotton. “However, in order to achieve that goal, fire prevention training and readiness are essential to saving lives.”

“The Bastrop Fire Department is proud to be a part of Fire Prevention Week. It has always been our goal to keep the citizens of Bastrop safe,” said Fire Chief Thomas D. Crowder. “We intend to offer information, bulletins and visits us at the fire department. All citizens are welcomed and encouraged to visit.”