A trend that is sweeping the nation has found its way to Morehouse Parish in the form of Morehouse Rocks. Morehouse Rocks is a group of people that want to spread a little cheer or as the group's founder, Brandy Woodson, of Log Cabin, said, " Just to spread smiles. One of the most important lessons we can teach in this cruel and crazy world we live in is kindness." The way they are spreading smiles is the unique thing about them.

Woodson and her group take rocks, paint them, then leave them in various locations around Morehouse Parish for others to find. Using their Facebook Group of the same name (http://bit.ly/2uGsN3J) Woodson and others give clues to the location of the rocks. From the looks of the posts on the group, it is obvious that plenty of people are participating in the group, many finding the rocks, posting to the group that the rock was found, then finding a new location for someone else to find the rocks.

These are no ordinary rocks. Many are painted very artistically with inspiring quotes such as “smile” or “rock on,” funny pictures, or just plain beautiful artwork. Many are painted by children, an activity that Woodson says gets them away from the television, computer and telephone screens that consume so much of our lives these days.

"One of the most important lessons we can teach in this cruel and crazy world we live in is kindness," Woodson said. "No, one person can’t change the world, but if you can bring a smile to someone’s face, even for a moment, you have changed their world."

A post pinned to the top of the Morehouse Rocks Facebook page reads, "This group and lots more just like it are popping up across the world. the lady that started this 'trend' found herself looking for an uplifting sign (like a heart shaped rock) that everything would be alright. she wondered if other people were doing the same thing so she started painting and placing rocks to be found by strangers to lift their spirits. So, I wanted to start one here too. I left a few clues at the beginning just to get people into it. But it's quickly turning into a chase/race for rocks. which would be great if more people knew about it. But, I will not be posting any more clues with mine, other than to say I rocked the parks. I will just leave them for people going about their day. So yeah, that's what's supposed to be going on here. You keep it if you love it, hide it if you want to, or you can just take a pic and leave it for the next person to find."

There are no hard rules to it. Just paint rocks, hide them, and find them. Some are placed in places frequented by kids like parks and stores. Some are placed in places where people may need some encouragement such as the hospital, courthouse, and nursing homes.

Many residents are finding joy in the simple display of positivity. “It’s a blessing in disguise,” says Misty Arrant, who has taken her daughter on hunts. “A lot of the kids whose parents are taking their time out to go on these rock hunts with kids are all behind the scenes dealing with issues we don't read on Facebook. It's something positive for young and old.” Kids enjoy every aspect, but even adults get in on the fun, painting rocks and hiding them, as well as going on the hunt for the tiny hidden treasures.