Gerald Boley, the Bastrop Police Captain that was arrested in June on Felony Malfeasance and Injuring Public Records charges has been reinstated to his position on the Bastrop Police Department by Mayor Henry Cotton.

Boley was arrested in June and charged with causing an arrest warrant for Darry "DD" Green, now a Bastrop City Councilman, to be quashed. According to the Louisiana State Police affidavit in the case, Boley’s actions “caused the arrest warrant, which was filed as a public record, to be removed and concealed causing the arrest warrant not to be served.” The affidavit goes on to state that, “Captain Boley’s conduct, as described herein, shows he intentionally failed to perform duties lawfully required of him.”

After Boley was arrested and charged he was placed on administrative leave, with pay. Mayor Henry Cotton said that the City's budget could not afford to pay Boley to sit at home, while at the same time paying other Captains time and a half for overtime to cover Boley's Patrol shift.

"I am not afraid of having Officer Boley on the force," Cotton said. "Our budget can't stand to pay him to sit at home. It just makes sense for us to save a ton of money"

The felony charges against Boley remain outstanding. Fourth Judicial District Attorney Steve Tew said that his office had recused themselves from prosecuting the case and that the case has been referred to the Louisiana Attorney Generals Office for prosecution.