On Saturday, July 15, an opening and dedication ceremony was held for the Robinson/Williams Restoration and Hope Community Center. The program, which included a dedication sermon and singing by the Robinson family, took place at St. Timothy Baptist Church, after which a ribbon cutting was held at the new center. The center is located in the old Carver Elementary School and is to include after-school programs for young people and activities for the community. Angela Robinson, CEO and founder of the center, says she wants to use the center to make the community a safer place and share God with those who may not know Him. The center’s name, Hope, stands for Helping Others Prosper through Empowerment, and this is Robinson’s goal for the center, to encourage community members and help them push through to success. Pictured here at the ribbon cutting with family and friends are (left to right in the center): Vice President Randy Williams, Mayor Henry Cotton, and President and Founder, Angela Robinson.