Over the past few months, investigators for the Morehouse Parish Sheriff's Office Narcotics Division have been conducting an undercover investigation, which led to the arrest of HenryArmstrong of Bastrop for possession of various drugs and distribution materials.

On Monday, July 10, Officer Patrick Morrison took Armstrong into custody on two outstanding warrants for distribution of cocaine, at which time search warrants were obtained for his house and vehicle. During a search of the home at 1006 Collinston Avenue, officers found and seized 40 pounds of marijuana, over two pounds of cocaine, a large quantity of methamphetamine, over 700 ecstasy pills, $70,000 in cash, and packaging and distribution materials. They also seized three marijuana plants found behind the residence along with numerous vehicles and other items related to the case.

Armstrong has been held in the Morehouse Parish Sheriff's Office jail since Monday and charged with Possession of Schedule I Drug Marijuana With Intent to Distribute, Cultivation of Marijuana, Possession of a firearm while in control of Controlled Dangerous Substances, Possession of Schedule II drug Cocaine With Intent to Distribute, Possession of Schedule II drug Methamphetamine with Intent to Distribute, Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Cocaine, Possession of Ecstasy, and two counts of Distribution of Cocaine. Armstrong appeared in court on July 13th at which time his bond was set at $387,000. This was a major drug bust for Morehouse Parish with the street value of the seized drugs being estimated up to several hundred thousand dollars.

Sheriff Mike Tubbs said, “I am very pleased with the hard work of our officers and the long hours that they put in on this case”. He noted that it would have a big impact on narcotics in the parish. At the time the investigation is still ongoing and Sheriff Tubbs says that more arrests will likely follow.