The Morehouse Parish Police Jury met in their regular monthly meeting Monday evening at the McMeans Annex. Among other business, the Jury heard from Morehouse General Hospital Administrator and CEO Derrick Frazier. Frazier told the board that unaudited year-end financial reports show the hospital made $5.5 million profit. Frazier did warn board members that that number includes revenue from state and local taxes and that without those tax dollars the hospital could not "operationally stand on it's on".

Frazier also told the board that the hospital will be changing emergency room physicians groups after complaints about the current vendor. Concord Medical Group, a physician-owned and operated organization based in Texas will take over the emergency room care as of August 7. Also included in Frazier's report was that a Monroe Orthopedic surgeon would begin operating at the hospital next month and that the hospital would be doing away with its pension plan at the end of the year. Frazier said that plans are in place to catch up previously unpaid funding of the pension plan and to change to social security coverage for employees next year.

Police Jury President Terry Matthews thanked Frazier for his report and congratulated Frazier on his handling of the hospital's business. "I am proud and pleased to hear about your hands on approach with patients."

In other business, the Jury voted to enter into a cooperative endeavor agreement with the Villiage of Mer Rouge to address a drainage issue off 22nd Street in Mer Rouge. The Jury also voted to keep the Police Jury medical insurance with Blue Cross for the time being as plans to change to Vantage had met with a possible 4% increase over what had been quoted to the jury.

The Police Jury also referred a problem with carpeting in several offices at the Sheriff's Office to the Building Committee to investigate solutions to the problem.