Wednesday morning the Morehouse Humane Society shelter was abuzz with activity as volunteers from Morehouse Parish, Boudreaux's Animal Rescue Krewe (B.A.R.K.), in Alexandria, and multiple shelters and organizations from Ontario, Canada prepared 130 dogs for their trip to Canada. Last week 4 volunteers and a veterinarian came to Morehouse Parish to begin required inoculations, in addition to implanting microchips and taking pictures of the dogs to be sent to Canada. Wednesday the dogs were being loaded up for the trip. According to Mary Helen Turpin, a Board member of the Humane Society, the transfer of so many dogs will be like a "fresh start" for the shelter in Morehouse. With the relief from crowded conditions, the shelter will be able to accomplish needed cleaning, disinfecting and repair at the facility. She stressed that the Morehouse shelter will still have dogs and cats for adoption. No cats were involved in the transfer to Canada. Pictured in the blue scrub suit, is  BARK director Jillian Donaghey, as she directs the documentation and loading of the dogs to be transferred. BARK has been working with Canadian shelters since Hurricane Katrina to take dogs from crowded Louisiana shelters to Canada for adoption.