An "incident" at a Morehouse Parish school bus stop, that was initially reported as a student wearing a "a white cloth covering his face with holes cut out to display his eyes," has been determined by an investigation conducted by the Morehouse Parish Sheriff's Office to have been "blown out of proportion early on" and no further action is expected in the case.

According to initial reports from the School Board, a substitute school bus driver was dropping off students from her route on Wednesday, May 10th, when she stopped at a bus stop near Malcolm Road in the Delta community. As the driver approached the stop she reported observing an individual sitting on a 4-wheeler with his head down. As the driver stopped to offload students, the individual raised his head revealing he was wearing "a white cloth covering his face with holes cut out to display his eyes," This again, according to initial reports to the news media. The driver was reported to have been "startled and frightened" and "traumatized" by the appearance of the individual. Children on the school bus were described in the initial report as "excited" by the young man's appearance.

On Thursday morning, the bus driver reported the incident to school board officials, who then reported the incident to the Morehouse Parish Sheriff's Office. The school board's investigation into the matter determined that the individual was, in fact, a student at Delta Junior High School, who was out of school on suspension in an unrelated case.

Morehouse Parish Sheriff Mike Tubbs on Friday morning stated that the investigation into the incident was complete. Tubbs said the Sheriff's investigators determined that the 15-year-old student, who lives on a gravel road, had ridden a 4-wheeler to the bus stop. Since the gravel road produces dust and debris when driven on, the student took his t-shirt and placed it over his head, so that it protected his mouth and nose from the dust and debris.

Sheriff Tubbs said that investigators in the case, showed the bus driver a photograph of the student wearing his t-shirt in this manner, and the bus driver confirmed that that is what she had observed. The driver, who knows the student, told Sheriff's investigators that the student is and has always been respectful to her.

Sellers said that school board officials are reviewing video tapes from the bus's on-board cameras and that no other action has been taken at this time.

Tubbs confirmed the child had no other motives in wearing the t-shirt in that manner and simply was trying to keep the dust from his face. Tubbs said the investigation by the Sheriff's Office is complete and closed.