Henry Cotton, a local businessman and entrepreneur, was elected Mayor of Bastrop in the Saturday, April 29 general election.

With all 16 precincts reporting, Cotton edged out former Mayor and candidate Betty Alford-Olive, with 1,758 votes (58%) to Alford-Olive's 741 (42%).

"I would like to thank all of the citizens of Bastrop who participated in the city of Bastrop primary election as well as this past Saturday's mayoral runoff election. Naturally I do thank especially the one thousand and sixteen other people who cast their vote for Henry Cotton" Cotton said.

As to his plans for when he assumes office on July 1 Cotton said, "Our goal is to create opportunity and advancement for Bastrop and Morehouse Parish. I pledge to all of the citizens of Bastrop that we will serve every citizen to the very best of our ability. Please feel free to give us your ideas as we progress together."

Other items on the ballot were, a renewal of Roads and Bridges tax, a fund that is a dedicated fund for the purpose of maintenance of roads and bridges as well as the operational expenditures of the parish highway department; a renewal of Public Buildings tax, a fund dedicated for the purpose of constructing, repairing, renovating, equipping, maintaining and operating public buildings; a renewal of a Drainage tax, a fund that is a dedicated fund for the purpose of maintenance of drainage canals and ditches as well as acquiring, maintaining and/or operating drainage machinery and equipment; and a Ward 2 Cemetery tax, all were passed in the election.

The Road and Bridges proposition passed with 68% of the voters voting yes, the Public Buildings proposition passed with 63% of the vote. The Drainage proposition was approved with 67% of the vote, and the Ward 2 Cemetery tax was passed with 86% of the vote.

Cotton will take office on July 1, 2017.