Jalen Kennedy, a 6th-grade student at Morehouse Magnet, won 1st place at the Region III Social Studies Fair - Political Science Division: grades 6-8, at the University of Louisiana - Monroe on February 1, 2017. Jalen’s project, “School to Prison Pipeline – Is this the New System of Jim Crow”, has gone viral on social media with over 40,000 shares and over 100,000 views on Facebook. It is an outstanding accomplishment for Jalen, and great publicity for Morehouse Magnet, the City of Bastrop and the Morehouse Parish Public School System.

Jalen’s project discusses how minority children are being pushed out of the public school system and into the penal system. His project provides statistics and thought provoking research on racial disparities that reveal the following: Black students are three (3) times more likely to be suspended from school for the same disciplinary infractions that are committed by White students. This statistical reality lays the foundation for the “School To Prison Pipeline”.

This is a national issue that has generated international attention due to Michelle Alexander’s award-winning book, ‘The New Jim Crow’.

Jalen’s 1st place victory has earned him the honor of participating in the Louisiana State Social Studies Fair Finals on March 3, 2017, in Lake Charles, LA.