At Tuesday's meeting of the Sterlington Town Council, a new ordinance was introduced pertaining to building and construction regulations.

The ordinance is similar to West Monroe's pertaining to certified building officials. Several modifications recommended by City Attorney Brian Racer at the last meeting were drafted into an ordinance for the council to review.

“West Monroe has someone on staff, whereas we have a contract with a company,” Racer explained to the council at the last meeting.

Because of this, the ordinance defines a Building Code Official as a person or entity. The ordinance would allow for a third party to do an inspection, but the town inspector would still have to be paid in addition to the third party. It would also require the third party to have an occupational license within the Town of Sterlington.

The ordinance will be voted on at the next meeting.

Councilman Caesar Velasquez reminded those at the meeting that the Ouachita Water Sweep will be Sept. 20.

“I would encourage everyone to come out and help,” Velasquez said.

Police Chief Barry Bonner announced that the police department was short on officers due to one officer being out of service for two months due to injury and another out for two weeks on temporary medical leave. He asked the council to consider hiring another officer earlier rather than later in anticipation of future growth. He said he had several officers in mind that are interested in coming to Sterlington. The council asked him to get some names for the council to consider at the next meeting.

Mayor Vern Breland brought up that there were some planning and zoning issues that the council should look into.

“What I'm asking is for some of the members of the council to meet with planning and zoning,” Breland said.

Councilwoman Bonnie Dilmore volunteered, and Councilwoman Lucy Holtzclaw said she might be able to.