The highways, backroads and turning rows of Morehouse Parish are teeming with agriculture-related activity as area farmers continue to harvest their corn crops this week.

According to LSU AgCenter Extension Agent Terry Erwin, farmers are in the middle of harvesting now but are a little behind compared to most years because of the cool, wet weather the parish experienced earlier in the year.

"The weather is cooperating, and the harvesting is going really well," Erwin said. "There don't seem to be any problems at the elevators."

However, the later harvest this year may necessitate some farmers taking a break from harvesting corn and switching to bringing in soybeans which requires switching the harvesting mechanism on combines from a corn to a soybean header and then back again. According to Erwin, corn can stay out in the field longer after reaching maturity.

"Corn running late this year is intersecting the soybean harvest," Erwin said. "Corn will have to wait because soybeans are more time sensitive. When they are mature and ready to harvest, they deteriorate a lot faster than the corn."

In a couple of weeks, the rice crop in Morehouse Parish will also be ready for harvesting, but, unless an unforeseen circumstance, such as additional inclement weather, pops up, corn harvesting should be finished by then.

According to Erwin, the average yield for corn in Morehouse Parish, which is largely used as feed corn for poultry and cattle, this year averages out to approximately 200 bushels per acre.