Mer Rouge residents and commuters who pass through the village are one step closer to "eating fresh" as construction continues on a Subway franchise on the corner of Highway 165 and North 20th — directly across the street from Dr. Ogden's old dentist office.

"We're really proud of it," Mayor Johnny McAdams said when asked about the Subway construction. "It is great, and that is a pretty old building they are using. At first they couldn't decide whether to tear it down or build new."

McAdams said that the owners really liked the traffic numbers — the number of vehicles that drive by per day — for the location. He also said another business that will be moving into town soon, Dollar General, was also pleased with the through traffic for Mer Rouge.

"We're right in the middle of the parish," McAdams said, "where five major highways intersect. We are centrally located for the agriculture [traffic] in the region. We've got the new rice mill, ag is booming, and Mer Rouge has had the best five years in the history of the town in as far as the economy goes."

The deal for a Dollar General in Mer Rouge, which will be located one block north of Mer Rouge State Bank and will face Highway 165, has been closed according to McAdams, but a few loose ends need to be tied up before construction begins, possibly in early November.

According to McAdams, there are a lot of projects in the works for Mer Rouge in addition to the Dollar General and Subway.