In medieval times, knights challenged each other or enemies to a duel by throwing a gauntlet — a protective glove — to the ground. The challenged knight accepted by picking up the gauntlet.

Over the last few weeks, a more modern and light-hearted gauntlet is being thrown, and it involves ice buckets and social media. On Friday, this activity "spilled" over into the Morehouse Parish School System when the faculty of Pine Grove Elementary participated in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and tacked on an additional challenge for sister school Cherry Ridge to promote positive behavior throughout the school year.

Kara Masling, principal at Pine Grove, released the following statement about the event:

"Pine Grove kicked off the new school year with a positive behavior celebration. Students at Pine Grove were rewarded for no office referrals for the first week of school. I, along with several faculty members, had been previously challenged to participate in the trending ALS "Ice Bucket" challenge, so I decided to present the students with a surprise and challenge of their own."

According to Masling, faculty members who participated in the event pledged to donate to the ALS Association — a core part of the ice bucket challenge — and to also be doused with ice water in front of the students.

The faculty challenged the students to maintain their positive behavior through the school year, so more surprise rewards could be scheduled.

"Pine Grove Elementary, in keeping with the Ice Bucket Challenge rules," Masling said in her statement, "would like to challenge Cherry Ridge Elementary, their sister school, to promote positive behavior with a purpose on their campus as well."

The gauntlet has been thrown, and given the nature of the ice water challenge, more schools will likely follow suit.

Any school that participates in this challenge may submit pictures to, and the photos will be featured on the Student News page in the Thursday editions of the Bastrop Daily Enterprise. Please let us know how you are using the challenge to encourage students or benefit the school.