Delta Magnet School of Performing Arts/ Morehouse Alternative School held a back-to-school night for parents and students in the gym.

The event included both information for parents and students as well as entertainment. Packets containing information as well as necessary paperwork were handed out to parents as they signed in. Once everyone settled in the gym, Principal Howard Loche welcomed everyone for coming and Coach Lorenzo Price introduced staff members for the new year.

Both academic and curriculum updates were covered. Jessie Winston from the Morehouse Parish School Board central office was there to discuss Title I and Ralph Davenport spoke about child welfare and attendance. Clubs, organizations and activity opportunities available to students for the new year include 4-H, Beta, FBLA, drama club, choir, art, spanish, reading/literacy and school and community activities. Coaches gave remarks regarding football, basketball and track. Morehouse Parish Schools Superintendent Dr. George Noflin also spoke.

Entertainment for the night included a routine by the Delta Magnet Cheerleaders and a performance by the Delta Magnet Dazzlers.

Following the presentation, parents were dismissed to visit their children's classrooms and talk with teachers.