BHS students return

Bastrop High School Students return to classes this week. On Aug. 19, all freshman report, and on Aug. 20, sophomores, juniors and seniors report. All students resume a regular schedule beginning on Aug. 21.

State auditor releases reports

On Monday, August 18, a review of the Village of Collinston's finances for the year ending December 31, 2013 and conducted by Jonesboro CPA firm Bosch and Statham, LLC was made public by Legislative Auditor Daryl Pupera.

According to a release by the auditor's office, in 2013 former Collinston Mayor Mitchell Jeselink wrote two checks to himself totaling $2,850 from village funds and resigned after an investigation into the alleged misappropriation ended.

The CPA's review stated that $1,963 of the $2,850 appeared to be unaccounted for, and that the Board contacted the sheriff's office. An investigation was conducted and the matter was turned over to the district attorney. On September 18, 2013, the village deposited a reimbursement from the former mayor for the unaccounted for funds, according to the audit report.

For the future, the audit report recommends that only the Village of Collinston clerk have access to blank checks and that persons authorized to sign checks refuse to do so without an invoice or supporting document that provides evidence that a disbursement of funds is for a valid village obligation.

The report also suggested that, since the village budget does not possess adequate resources for proper segregation of duties, the oversight of the Mayor and the Village Board of Alderman is "imperative to mitigate risk."

According to the report, for corrective action, the village board and the clerk will implement the accountant's recommendations.

Jindal appoints local residents to boards

On Friday, August 15, Governor Bobby Jindal announced appointments to the Louisiana Rice Research Board. Richard Damian Bollich, a rice and soybean farmer from Jones, will be reappointed to serve as a member nominated by the Louisiana Rice Growers Association.

Jason Waller will also be reappointed to serve as a member nominated by the American Rice Growers Cooperative Association. Waller is a farmer and the President of the Northeast Louisiana Rice Growers Association from Mer Rouge. The Louisiana Rice Research Board is made up of fifteen members.

On Friday, Jindal also announced reappointments to the La. State Lottery Corp. Board of Directors. One member is assigned to the board from each congressional district, and Lisa Cox Reardon of Oak Grove, the owner and CEO of Cox Funeral Homes and Flower Shops and Carroll Nursing Home, Inc., will be reappointed to represent the Fifth Congressional District.