On Tuesday, Aug. 19, Eric Hendrix, appeared in 4th Judicial District Court for his 72-hour hearing. Hendrix was booked into the Morehouse Parish Sheriff's Office jail on Aug. 15 on charges of extortion by Investigator Jeremy Streeter with the MPSO.

According to Brian Shoemaker, chief criminal deputy with the MPSO, a person took their cellphone into the Verizon Wireless store on East Madison in Bastrop, where Hendrix was manager, for repair on or around Aug. 8.

The arrest affidavit and warrant for Hendrix states that he then retrieved the personal data, which included the phone's personal files, and after the phone was picked up by the owner, contacted the owner via text message and told them to send additional personal data to him. If the owner did not comply, Hendrix threatened to retain the data he had already obtained and not delete it.

According to the affidavit, Hendrix stated that he obtained the data from the victim's phone and the Verizon computer system. The affidavit also states that the victim and Hendrix were not acquaintances prior to the victim dropping his phone off at the store.

The MPSO was contacted about the incident and Hendrix was arrested at 811 North Third in Monroe. His bond is set at $10,000. As of Tuesday morning, Hendrix remained in custody at the MPSO jail.

The MPSO encourages any person who has faced a similar problem to come forward and contact the sheriff's office at 281.4141.