Thirty years ago, Mary Helen Turpin created Morehouse Parish Humane Society to take over for the City of Bastrop in running the animal shelter.

“The humane society helps to take care of the dog and cat population in Bastrop,” Executive Director of the Bastrop/Morehouse Chamber of Commerce Dorothy Ford said. “Mary Helen Turpin wasn't pleased with how the city was running it 30 years ago.”

Turpin, along with other community members including Joyce Ford, formed a board to run the humane society as a no-kill shelter. The shelter is open seven days a week. Every animal is fed, watered and cared for daily, and all animals at the shelter are spayed or neutered. Animals are also taken to the vet if they get sick. Because of these added expenses, fundraisers are held annually to maintain a budget to run the shelter.

At an Optimist Club meeting last Friday, Morehouse Parish Humane Society Board Member Fay Thomas spoke to the club about how the humane society operates.

“The Bastrop animal control officer is the only one who can bring an animal in,” Thomas said. “It has been that way since the beginning. Our budget is approximately $100,000. The annual budget is raised through donations and fundraising.”

Fundraisers that are held annually include a bake sale, loaded baked potato dinner, frozen casserole sale, garage sales and a gun raffle.

The Morehouse Humane Society is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily. A frozen casserole sale will be held Sept. 18 at the Episcopal Church. A garage sale will also be held the first weekend in October at the fair grounds.

Watch the Community Bulletin Board for dates and times for upcoming humane society events.