Prairie View Jamboree

It is now football season.

Five schools will take part in the five-game Prairie View Jamboree on Friday night at Dr. E.D. Baker Field. Each contest will consist of one 15-minute regulation quarter.

Riverfield and Claiborne start the action at 6:30 p.m., followed by River Oaks vs. Riverdale, Claiborne vs. Prairie View, Riverfield vs. Riverdale and River Oaks vs. Prairie View.

Prairie View coach Reagan Morrison says he is looking for effort more so than execution Friday night.

“We're going to have some mistakes on offense. Defensively, there are going to be times when we won't line up correctly,” Morrison said. “The main thing we're looking for is intensity and the commitment to play football. This is what they've worked hard for all summer and it's here.”

Scheme-wise, the Spartans will keep it simple.

“We're going to run a little spread, a little pistol and some trips. We're going to keep it simple offensively,” Morrison said. “Defensively, we're not going to do a whole lot of blitzing. We're going to keep it vanilla.”

With 21 players on the roster, the Spartans' numbers are up slightly from a year ago.

“We had 17 players in our team picture last year,” Morrison said.

Carrying nine seniors as compared to only three last year, the Spartans also have a more experienced squad.

Perhaps even more importantly, the Spartans have some depth on the line.

“Line-wise, we're probably the deepest we've been in years,” Morrison said.

Prairie View opens the season next Friday in Coushatta vs. Riverdale.

MEET THE SPARTANS night will be held Tuesday at 6:30 p.m.

To highlight the evening, the football player's mothers, a.k.a. Yo Momma's Football Team, will play their sons in a flag football game.

As usual, the moms will make the rules. The sons will have an arm and a leg tied to a teammate.

OPEN DATE: Prairie View will have an open date in Week 7 as its scheduled opponent, Tallulah Academy, will compete at the eight-man level this season.