The Morehouse Parish Sheriff's Office recently made an arrest in the case of a missing truck and in the process recovered several more stolen items.

The sheriff's office received a complaint on July 24 that a 2000 Model Dodge truck had been stolen from a work sight off of Point Pleasant Road. According to the affidavit, the truck was recovered by the West Carroll Sheriff's Office on July 29 after they got information that the truck had been stripped of all the welding equipment in East Carroll.

Lt. Scott Culp, one of the investigating officers, received a statement from a witness who said that they had seen Kenneth Price II take the vehicle from the location on Point Pleasant Drive. Another witness, who is a relative of Price, said that the truck had been brought to their house and stripped of everything in the truck and that some of those items were still there at the house and thus those items were able to be recovered at that time. Other stolen items including a Miller Bobcat 250 welding machine and a 2004 Honda 300 4 wheeler were found at other relative's homes.

Price was then arrested and charged with theft of a motor vehicle valued valued greater than $1,500 and two counts of illegal possession of stolen property valued greater than $1,500.

Investigators who worked the case included Culp, Inv. Rebecca Wallace and Inv. Jeremy Street in addition to the investigators from East and West Carroll Sheriff's Office. Dep. John Lewis also assisted in the case by helping officers load up the stolen items.

“We want to thank East and West Carroll Parishes for their cooperation,” Chief Criminal Investigator Major Rose Worley said.