Morehouse Parish agents with the Northeast Louisiana Drug Enforcement Bureau recently made several drug arrests.

Agents followed through with a search warrant for an address on West Pine on Saturday, Aug. 2.

According to the official incident report, officers arrived at the residence to find people both inside and outside of the home. Subjects were secured while agents searched the home. The search revealed three sets of digital scales, green wrapping with suspected marijuana residue, a zip lock bag containing suspected marijuana, several suspected marijuana shavings and several boxes of zip lock bags. Outside of the house, agents located four bags of suspected marijuana nearby where people were standing.

Eight suspects at the home were arrested including Travis White, 265 West Pine; Carlus Green, Carlus Green, 514 E. Jefferson; Latresia Lee, 601 Eden; Yolanda Green, 266 W. Pine; Olanius Frazier, 266 W. Pine; Dlonuta Thomas, 417 Dwison; Jerry Wright, 266 W. Pine and Lakiesha Evans, 316 W. Jefferson. They were booked into the Morehouse Parish Jail on charges of possession of schedule I marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

NLDEB agents also made several arrests following a routine traffic stop at Oliver and South Washington Street on Monday, Aug. 4. According to reports, agents received consent to search the vehicle and found two large mason jars containing suspected marijuana and two sets of digital scales in the driver's side door panel as well as an Arizona drink can with a false top that also contained suspected marijuana. A large amount of cash was also recovered.

Anthony Lewis, 1011 Ashley 20, Crossett; Spencer Brown, 503 Pistole, Crossett and Jameal Williams, 312 Ashley 721, Crossett, were all arrested on charges of possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, conspiracy to distribute marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.