On October 22, 2014, the Morehouse Parish Courthouse turns 100 years old, and plans are in progress for a ceremony commemorating the occasion featuring the police jury and area judges as well as displays showcasing the history of the building.

According to Shasidee Phillips, administrative assistant at the police jury, local historical accounts state that the first brick for the main part of the current building was laid on October 22, 1914.

For the displays, the police jury hopes to obtain photographs of the present courthouse, the previous courthouse, which was used prior to 1914, and commentary on growing up in the community.

In a statement provided by Phillips, the jury asks for the following:

"The Morehouse Parish Police Jury is inviting current and past residents of Morehouse Parish to send in copies of their photos of the Morehouse Parish courthouse (no originals, photos will not be returned) with information about the photo(s) and comments about their positive experiences growing up and living in Morehouse Parish. The deadline to submit photographs will be August 18, 2014."

The Police Jury office is located on the courthouse square at 125 E. Madison and the office can be contacted at 281.4132.

Reporter's Note: On the Throwback Thursday page in today's paper, the Enterprise featured a photograph from a reader that shows the old courthouse building. If there are old editions of the Enterprise that featured stories about the courthouse that you enjoyed or unique pictures, please call us at 281.4421 or email us at news@bastropenterprise.com to let us know.