A Chevy Tahoe was recently donated to the Sterlington Police Department by the City of West Monroe.

According to Sterlington Police Chief Barry Bonner, the city contacted them, said that they had the vehicle and asked if the Sterlington Police Department could use it. Following this, Bonner made an announcement at the June 27th meeting of Sterlington Town Council where he stated his intent to let the city know how much they appreciated the donation.

“You can't beat free,” Bonner said. “The police department and myself are extremely pleased and grateful to the city of West Monroe. They will never know how much it is appreciated and needed.”

The vehicle was only in need of minor repairs, which included fixing the tie rod and air conditioner. The vehicle is now fully operational.

According to Bonner, all of the police department's equipment and equipment installation is handled by Assistant Chief Jerry Hurst.

“We do everything we can do to save taxpayers money,” Bonner said.

“Whatever it takes to keep the fleet rolling,” Hurst said.

The department has also recently been allotted a Local Government Assistance Program grant for $19,000 and Bonner said he hopes to use the money to get another vehicle or two.

LGAP funding is designed to help local governments make long-term improvements in their areas by providing needed funds when there aren't any federal funds available. The governments are chosen based on a high priority need. Information provided in the grant application package states that priority will be given to those projects which identify and resolve basic human health and safety needs.