The Morehouse Parish Library had some help this summer from a young volunteer. Fifteen-year-old Grace Elizabeth Jordan went to speak with Library Director Ellen Highsmith before the library's summer reading program started and asked if she could help out.

“She has been very helpful, very cheerful,” Highsmith said. “The kids really like her. She's been here for the Wednesday programs, and she's been here Friday afternoons to help with the movies.”

The Enterprise spoke with Jordan about her thoughts on this year's summer reading program.

“It's amazing,” Jordan said. “It really gives the kids something to do and a chance to learn.”

Jordan said her favorite part of volunteering at the library was interacting with the younger kids.

“It was great to see the kids start recognizing me,” Jordan said. “Now when they come, they come up and talk to me.”

Jordan admitted that although it was hard to choose, her favorite guest for the summer reading program was Geebo the Clown, who made his first appearance at the library this year.

“My little brothers loved him,” Jordan said.

In addition to helping out with library's program, Jordan also volunteers at the Morehouse Humane Society.

“I decided to volunteer this summer because I really wanted to give back to my community and to do something positive,” Jordan said. “I just like helping out. It's really nice to feel useful.”