When the new school schedules were announced in the July 5 edition of the "Bastrop Daily Enterprise," members of the community expressed concern about what parents would do with their children on Mondays when school is not in session.

At the April 1 meeting of the Morehouse Parish School Board when the four-day school week was approved, it was established that tutoring and enrichment services would be offered to students on those Mondays.

According to Crystal Washington, 21st Century Grant Administrator, the tutoring and enrichment program will be funded by the 21st Century Community Learning Centers grant, which provides funding for extended learning time for students.

"In spite of the economic struggles of Morehouse Parish, we must work together to ensure instruction is not lost and students have opportunities," Washington said. "We want to focus on skills they need in an educationally based program."

Washington also said that the students will still focus on skills taught during the regular school day during the extra hours of instruction.

Currently, applications are out in the district and regular teachers are being sought to lead the Monday sessions at four area schools: H.V. Adams, Oak Hill, Morehouse Junior High and Bastrop High School.

Students will be picked up using a transportation arrangement much like the summer school bus schedule — parents are responsible for transporting kids to a community center, such as an area school, where a bus will pick the children up and take them the remainder of the way to school. At the end of the day, children would be dropped off at the same location. As specific pick-up and drop-off information becomes available, it will be featured in the "Enterprise."

The Monday tutoring and enrichment will run from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. and students will be given a lunch and a snack. Parents should note that tutoring is not offered on the Mondays when students would not ordinarily be in school, such as holidays.

After school tutoring will also still be offered through the 21st Century Grant.

When asked if it was thought that more children would be attending tutoring and enrichment because of the four-day school week, Washington stated that the decision to send students to the sessions remains up to parents, but that the Monday sessions are an opportunity for students to reinforce the the lessons learned during the week.

Tutoring and Enrichment Sites:

Grades K to 2: H.V. Adams Grades 3 to 5: Oak Hill Grades 6 to 8: Morehouse Junior High Grades 9 to 12: Bastrop High School