On Thursday, school administrators and school board representatives gathered in the library at Delta to recognize the summer workers at Delta Magnet School.

Through a program ran by the school and the Morehouse Parish School system, 12 recent graduates from the Eastern District were selected to work in and around the school at a variety of tasks to earn pay that will help finance their next steps in life and to earn a work reference that will assist in gaining future employment opportunities.

"This program is a way to give back to the Eastern district," Louis Melton, District 2 School Board member, said. "It pays kids and gives them experience for the workforce whether they are going to college, technical school or straight to work."

In his comments to the audience, Melton explained that this was the fourth year for the current program, but that he had worked in a similar program while attending Delta from 1970-1974.

Melton also praised the students for the projects that they completed around the school under the day-to-day leadership of Dean of Student Affairs, Coach Lorenzo Price and Evelyn Seay.

In his comments, Price echoed that the program teaches the young people the value of a good day's work and helps ensure they understand core concepts, such as arriving on time. Seay followed up by recognizing students that went above and beyond at completing work when it was assigned.

Two young women, Jasmine Moore and Kierra Bonner, were highlighted as exemplary workers as were two young men, Justin McCaa and Jordan McCaa.

"This has been a successful program for all the students attending Delta," Robert Fenceroy, District 7 School Board member said.

Exiting Principal Cynthia Clark also congratulated the students in her comments while focusing on reminding the workforce that more days of similar work in the hot sun would lay before them if they didn't pursue higher education.

Many of the students reflected on their higher education destinations in the fall as well as their goals for degrees and careers when they introduced themselves to the audience. As they apply for new positions and opportunities, they will be able to write down the Morehouse Parish School Board as a previous employer and a reference.