The Episcopal Church Women of Christ Episcopal Church have been operating a thrift store for 58 years as an outreach program for the church.

The building located at 528 West Hickory was originally donated to Christ Church by Billie Rawls Goodwin in 1956. The women of the church decided to turn it into a thrift store and stock it with anything anyone gave them.

“This thing has been here a long time,” Supporter Boots Farrar said.

Over the years, the The Thrift Shop has stocked a variety of things including clothing, linens, jewelry, a lawn mower, quilt scraps, seashells, a pith helmet, football shoes, etc.

Everything is priced low in an effort to make shopping affordable for those in need and, according to Church Treasurer Maretta Breiner, all of the income generated goes to other outreach projects such as The Wellspring and helping those in need.

“It's a community thing,” Breiner said. “People come here and get some great deals. It's been well appreciated by the community over the years.”

The store is open from 1 to 4 p.m. the first three Thursdays of the month and is operated by volunteers from ECW.