On Wednesday, Morehouse Parish School students participating in a Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics, or STEAM, camp traveled to a community garden located on George Gardner Road to learn more about agriculture.

Crystal Washington, 21st Century Project Director for the school board, said that a grant helps fund the camp, which exposes children to the disciplines highlighted in the STEAM acronym.

"Through the grant, we had a STEAM program at Magnet," Washington said. "This week we are taking students to seven acres where members of Morehouse Black Farmers Association will help them view ag in action so they can learn more about both the planting process and the business aspects."

Present at the event was Louis Melton, a member of the Morehouse Parish School Board representing District 2. Melton explained that not only were STEAM participants active at the event but that 12 Eastern District students working at Delta for the summer were also helping with the tour and demonstrations.

At the community garden, the Morehouse Parish Black Farmers and Landowners Association tends to eight rented acres that feature seven food plots planted with a mixture of fruits and vegetables in various growth stages.

Robert Coleman, a member of the association, explained what the students would see and learn during the tour.

"Today we are going to show them how we get the ground ready, and how we plant different vegetables and produce...how we plant it and pick it. Then, we're going to let them know it's basically for them — the people in the community. We don't have to sell. It's strictly a community project, and what we do is help some of the needy people and people who want fresh vegetables."

During their walkthrough, the children saw a variety of produce and participated in hands-on activities, such as planting okra.