Elizabeth Freeman was recently commended by the Bastrop City Council upon her retirement as city court clerk.

“They tell me Ms. Freeman couldn't be here,” Mayor Arthur Jones said at the May 8 meeting of the city council. “We're commending her for 28 years of service. She's served under four mayors.”

Freeman started out as the criminal deputy clerk 28 years ago and later ended up as clerk of court.

“She was great to work for, a great boss,” City Court Employee Kristy Tilbury said. “We miss her greatly.”

Freeman was reported by fellow co-workers as very devoted to the work she was doing. She handled a variety of job duties in the office including working with the public and managing court records. Some of the projects Freeman helped with included implementing cross-training in case employees were sick or out, getting additional security and remodeling the courtroom.

“She was very good to me coming in,” Judge Phillip Lester said. “She was good about having a wealth of knowledge about what goes in city court. She was a good employee, loyal to the city and to the court. She helped me learn what I need to do to make it a better court.”