Bastrop High School's Jobs for America's Graduates was recognized with five awards at the JAG State Conference June 10.

The JAG program works to help students succeed in school and prepare for the workforce by giving students different opportunities to get more involved with their school and community.

JAG Specialists Maurice Crowder and Larry W. Green Jr. attended the conference in Baton Rouge .

For excelling in areas such as leadership, community service, campus awareness and career development, BHS JAG was awarded the Five of Five Award.

“This is the highest state JAG award that is given out,” Green said.

They were also awarded for Most Barriers Removed meaning that students overcame the most blocks to success. Blocks can include several different things such as low self-esteem, lack of professional skills and low motivation.

Students got second place for their powerpoint presentation which showcased the different activities and events they attended as well as the different projects they completed as part of the JAG program throughout this past year.

Crowder and Green were recognized with a Teamwork Award for their teamwork in leading the program. Crowder was also awarded as Outstanding JAG Specialist for going above and beyond to help his students.

“I definitely see the program as moving in a positive direction,” Crowder said. “The kids are getting more and more engaged.”

“Our JAG program is continuing to grow, and we are really thankful,” Green said. “We hope that it continues to do so.”