At the June 9 meeting of the Morehouse Parish Police Jury, several agenda items were voted on, including the reorganization of the solid waste department and the possibility of lowering pay for Justices of the Peace and constables after a public hearing is held.

Police Juror Mark Sistrunk presented a reorganization proposal that had the full approval of the solid waste committee, which consists of Sistrunk, Floyd Tomboli and Isaac Gray. The proposed reorganization of the solid waste department, which was unanimously approved by the full jury, requires hiring an operations manager.

According to Mark Sistrunk, the reorganization will eliminate the superintendent's position. The current holder will transition to commercial residential supervisor.

"His pay will stay the same," said Sistrunk. "He is just making a lateral move. We are going to eliminate the foreman position. The current holder of that position will return to a truck driver's position. The solid waste department's secretary position will be eliminated after an operations manager is hired."

The jury approved a motion to advertise for an operations manager and a diesel maintenance person.

The jury also approved a motion to hold a public hearing on the date of the next Morehouse Parish Police Jury meeting to discuss lowering the monthly pay of justices of the peace and constables from $125 per month to $75 per month.

Other motions approved including the approval of a tentative merger of two voting precincts.

"There is one more little precinct that we can merge, 20 and 22," Sandra Sims, Morehouse Parish Registrar of Voters said. "The voter's vote at the same place."

The merger remains tentative because it must be signed off on at the state level.

The policy jury also approved a motion that clarified its responsibilities and place during the 911 number application process, agreed to sign an acknowledgement letter for the proposed seclusion flood maps for Morehouse Parish and approved a motion to take action on adjudicated properties .

Items were also added to the agenda that involved removing 415 feet at the end of Cornbread Road from the parish system because, according to Sistrunk, it services nobody in the parish and does nothing. The jury approved advertising a 30 day waiting period that would allow residents to come forward to discuss the road before it would pass into private ownership.