At the June 9 meeting of the Morehouse Parish Police Jury, District 1 Juror Floyd Tomboli discussed the issue of trash pickup within the parish and apologized for delays in collection.

"Guys, I'm the guy responsible for y'alls garbage not being picked up on time," Tomboli said. "I made a big mistake."

Tomboli then explained that in the past the police jury rented garbage trucks and was exchanging them every two years. After doing that twice, enough money had been saved to make a down payment on trucks, but interest charges were high.

"This time when we bought the trucks," Tomboli said, "they were doing really well. And I talked to Jimmy, and I asked him, 'Do you think these trucks will last another year or two before we have to buy new trucks? We could save the money, and the next time we buy the trucks, we could pay cash for them.'"

A decision was made that the trucks could make it, and Tomboli brought it before the jury for a vote where it was approved.

"As soon as the two years was up," Tomboli said, "Those trucks went to pieces."

Tomboli iterated that the solid waste committee is committed to cleaning the mess up and fixing the problem.

A portion of this fix includes reorganizing the entire solid waste department in addition to buying the new garbage trucks.

The jury approved a motion to buy three new garbage trucks if a promised offer of $75,000 for each of the garbage trucks the jury currently owns and wants to sell goes through. The jury will piggy back on purchasing the new trucks with Union Parish.