Bastrop City Council will vote tonight in regards to whether or not to amend the code of ordinances and zoning code to prohibit the placement of house trailers on specific roadways considered to be the main corridors of the city.

The item was first brought up at the April 22 special meeting of the mayor and city council following a recommendation by the Planning and Zoning Board. Vice Chairmen of the Planning and Zoning Board Debbie Rogers was there to present the item before the council.

“Our purpose in requesting this is for the beautification of the community,” Rogers said. “We have nothing against mobile homes. We think that they are a vital part of our community, but they do not belong in the main corridors.”

Roads the council are considering main corridors for this amendment are North and South Washington, North and South Franklin, East and West Madison, East and West Jefferson and North Marable.

Alderman Howard Loche questioned at the meeting what would happen with the existing mobile homes on those streets. Rogers informed him that they could stay and would be grandfathered in. The council also discussed the idea of a grace period of six months.

During this meeting, manufactured homes, mobile homes, modules and pods were grouped together with trailers and homeowner Foster Desselles spoke out that this would cause him problems with upgrading his FEMA trailers by replacing them with modular homes.

City attorney Doug Lawrence said that because of these types of issues that could arise the council would have to clearly define what they mean by trailers or modular homes.

Cindy Hendrix with Keep Morehouse Beautiful appealed to the council at the May 8 meeting where the ordinance was officially introduced. She said the ordinance would be a positive thing for Bastrop.

Morehouse Economic Development Corporation CEO Kay King also spoke out at that meeting saying that prospective businesses worry about what might happen if they were not protected by a zoning ordinance. She said that potential zoning issues could come about if mobile homes are not clearly defined.

The June 12th city council meeting will be at 6 p.m. in the courtroom at city hall. There will be a time for entertaining public comments as they relate to items on the agenda.