At the June 3 meeting of the Morehouse Parish School Board, the largest discussions revolved around adjusted transportation costs for Beekman Charter School and an agenda item added by Vice President Robert Fenceroy, District 7, which was a discussion of information regarding calling an election.

The discussion over transportation costs stemmed from a new adjusted transportation cost amount recommended by Kimberly Williams. Williams recommended that the shared services amount for transportation be calculated at an adjusted amount of $584,076.94. This total fell inbetween two amounts previously discussed.

Beekman Principal Roy McCoy spoke to the board and asked members to reject the adjusted total.

After a thorough discussion of how the number of Beekman bus riders was calculated, how the number of riders to other Morehouse Parish schools was calculated and what the total transportation costs for the school board included, the motion to approve the adjusted amount was unanimously approved.

The second major discussion of the evening was taxation and the possibility of calling an election. The agenda item was for information only and included discussion of both property and sales tax increases and how much revenue different increases could potentially raise.

Area schools and teachers were also recognized at the meeting by Superintendent Dr. George Noflin Jr. In April, Morehouse Jr. High had the highest attendance for faculty and staff at 96.61 percent while Morehouse Magnet School had the highest attendance for students at 97.15 percent.

A teacher from each school was also recognized as a teacher of the year. Six were in attendance.

Teachers of the Year were as follows: Bastrop High, Terry Devall; Bastrop Learning Academy, Emily Myrick; Cherry Ridge, Amy Nason; Delta Magnet, Janice Miller; H.V. Adams, Arthurnese Nimmer; Morehouse Jr. High, Andrea Ambrew; Morehouse Magnet, Sonya Blondin; Oak Hill, Shada Tanksley; Pine Grove, Chyene Ward; Southside, Jermecia Dee Nash.

Other business approved included adopting tax milage rates, adopting a resolution that declared the results of the special election held in Consolidated School District No. 12 on May 3, approving the Bastrop Enterprise as the school board's official journal and approving a District Technology Plan to comply with E-rate requirements.